Catered Ice Cream Parties

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Duke's Grove Catered Party + Event Venue in Saratoga County wants to remind all our friends and schools , we are catering our Ice cream desserts. We have a portable ice cream cabinet that holds 10 flavors in 20 tubs. We can cater these ice cream parties for about $5/person.


We are catering ice cream for any event and fundraisers. They will receive 10-20% donation from our sales. We go anywhere and everywhere and we can add on food as well with our portable grills and staff for any event. Call Annette Osher at 518-858-2184.

Hard Ice Cream cone line

Our ice cream prices for catering start at $2.50 per person and go up if you want a sundae bar with hot fudge , strawberries, cookies and brownies , whip cream and sprinkles, popsicles and gluten free ice cream and cones available. Packages for schools and athletic programs are available. Non dairy and gluten free ice cream and cones are available for extra. We will be catering all year.

For fundraisers, we will be happy to donate percentage of sales such as 10-20% to charity.

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Gluten Free Menu Items are available. There is a slight upcharge for Gluten Free Cones & Bowls