Jessica & Nick Barnyard Wedding Slide Show 100+ Pictures August 15, 2015

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This wedding included the reception, the dinner and amusement. Our featured couple was Jessica & Nick's of Latham. Then that was followed by open bar and appetizers that included wings, ribs, sausages etc. We had a professional party DJ to provide the music and lead the dances too. We also had recreational activities like horseshoes, volleyball, tug of war, frisbee golf and games for the children. There was also a photo booth who photoshopped pictures of the guests to put on magnets for them to take home.

Then we served dinner, which featured sausages, chicken marsala and filet mignon steak. Then after the cake cutting ceremony, with cupcakes we served even more deserts. Then as the sun went down, the DJ organized more dances for the crowd as the party went on into the night. The was a stormy period in the middle when honestly it looked like a tornado was going to land, but by the end, the skies had cleared and it all dried out.